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The Formula


Every experience at Physicality is tailored to address personal goals, exceed expectations for experience, and impact the specific presentation of the individual. 


The idea of optimization can have different interpretations but in the world of physical therapy intervention the Physicality approach is one that emphasizes helping people find their best ways to move, best ways to do, and best ways to physically approach life. 


Physicality's approach to physical therapy is to create an environment encouraging collaborative decision making, problem solving, brain storming and value sharing.


Physicality is committed to current best practices, advancements in skills, thinking differently, and challenging current physical therapy/treatment constructs with a commitment to evaluating and implementing latest innovations.


The most important element to the Physicality formula is intentionality, doing everything with purpose. The purpose of Physicality is to partner in the comeback, enhance performance, optimize function and engage the process.


A personalized approach to physical therapy. Physicality's focus is to connect with people, eliminate the hustle of healthcare and validate the human need to be heard in their own health choices.

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